Defisign Wallbracket

DefiSign wall bracket. Striking and sturdy. Suitable for any AED in our product range. 

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Defisign wall bracket

DefiSign wall bracket. This striking and sturdy wall bracket from the DefiSign range is easy to mount on the wall. No one will overlook the AED!

The high edge of the bracket keeps the AED standing securely. For extra security, you can secure the device with the snap buckle. This click buckle is easy to release in case of emergency.

Every AED from our range fits the DefiSign wall bracket!

Certain AEDs that come in a matching bag do not fit the bracket. These include devices from Cardiac Science, Life-Point, Zoll AED Plus and Primedic. These AEDs do fit without the bag.

Fastening material is not included.

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